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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Teh legendaries

so i couldnt find my seafloor cavern. i was looking everywhere for it. in the seas, diving everywhere but i couldnt find it. i went west of route 126 and ended up in route 127. i dove and whooo i found it! ^_____^ Those magma grunts were annoying and so was thouse big boulders! finnaly when i got there, that leader maxie was there. she was all like "dude, im gonna control groudon" and im like "like dude no you arnt!" except without the dude. so i had to battle her and all and i beat her on my first try only by using breloom (lvl 30) and swampert (lvl 41) her pokemon were all like 45+ and i beat her!!! the blue orb thingy was shining and groudon escaped. the sun was shining bright and steven came. we had to go to sootopolis and i saw the wallace dude. i went to the cave of origin and when you enter there are earthquakes and shakings. but when you finnaly get to him you need ultra balls. dont use the master ball because you need it for latios. i used 2 ultra balls and finnaly caught him!!! the drought stopped and all so it was back to normal.

~Teh Pokemonfan